Christophe Bailleau – Air Resort

Christophe Bailleau - Air Resort

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Christophe Bailleau – Air Resort
CD, Soundscaping Records, 2008

“Air Resort” –which comes in beautiful designed, large-size digipack format- is the first album of the Norwegian label Soundscaping Records.
The music is composed by the Belgium-based (but from French origin) multimedia artist Christophe Bailleau, who is joined by Mark Templeton (on guitar) and Sebastien Roux (manipulated sounds) on two tracks.

The dreamy and minimal sonic content of the 53-minute “Air Resort”, for which Christoph basically used a laptop, guitar and field recordings, has a lush and spacious character, although some abstract and experimental elements occasionally shimmer through the organic flavoured sound spectrum as well.

The gradually evolving nature of the seven shape shifting, mellow textural pieces and slightly distorted, crispy sounds and effects is a peculiar combination, which may not be as appreciative at first listen.
On the other hand, when one has a close listen to these quiet, slowly building and cascading sonic miniatures, one will discovered a world of imaginative wonder in the recurring themes explored here.

Personally, I consider “Silence Cadeau” as a pinnacle on the album, and the sixth track “Je te laisse des messages sur ton decodeur” as the most abstract, experimental outing.

All in all, “Air Resort” is a recording suitable for more experienced and adventurous ambient listeners.



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