Chronos – Helios

Chronos - Helios


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Chronos – Helios
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Altar Records, 2013

With “Helios”, Russian composer, DJ and producer Nikita Klimenko (aka Chronos) invites his listeners into the great cosmic expanse out there, implementing some nice Eastern sound samples along the way occasionally.

The album starts out painting grand, cinematic, lush and bright textural atmospheres without any rhythm on the first few tracks, shifting to more energetic-spiraling territory with fast-paced minimalist rhythms and pulsating sequencers on “Rotating Light Circles”, “Osiris” and the galactic “Oracul”. There are just slices of melody featured here though.

Reflective, more serene moods and the echoes of a cosmic sea return on the freeform soundscapes “Dolphinium” and anthem-kindred “Ancient Bells” , putting a very nice closure to this strong 79-minute album.

The download version of “Helios” contains the 10-minute bonus track “Sunset & A Star” 9 (another cosmic soundscape dweller) not present on the physical version of the album.



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