Chronotope Project – Chronology

Chronotope Project – Chronology


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Chronotope Project – Chronology
CD/Digital Download, Spotted Peccary Music, 2023

The presence of a heartwarming, reflective, and dreamlike realm has always been at the core of Jeffrey Ericson Allen’s Chronotope Project. “Chronology”, a 72-minute work of contemporary progressive ambient pieces, assembles -reworked- tracks picked from his back catalog (pre-Spotted Peccary) along with some new pieces, all telling their own but also sharing a sonic narrative.

As a listener, we move gently back and forth through an enchanting, soothing space-time continuum that settles around the introspective and meditative as the composer attentively merges the smooth sounds of electronics (most notably those of the Haken Continuum fingerboard), hand percussion, koto, cello, flutes, and whistles.

The only thing I question is the inclusion of “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” at the end, as this -still well-made- aural oddity with an orchestral/cinematic, string-based sound design (it vaguely reminds of Mark Isham’s early work) does not fit the previous entrancing music. Despite this flaw, “Chronology” is still worth 4 stars.


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