Chronotope Project – Chrysalis

Chronotope Project - Chrysalis


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Chronotope Project – Chrysalis
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Relaxed Machinery, 2102

The musician behind Chronotope Project is Jeffrey Ericson Allen, who has an eclectic background in classical, new acoustic and theatrical music. As a composer, Jeffrey is triggered by themes that contrast yin and yang, of mysteries that open themselves slowly, gradually unfolding and revealing hidden facets.

“Chrysalis” contains music centered on the theme of transformation and refers to the unity of space and time, the intimate connection of the relative and the absolute. Moreover, it’s a subtle and quite ambitious ambient/space release bridging smooth pulsations with dreamy, soft breathing textures, all spiced and deepened with extensive melodic curls and shapes.

The evocative and sensitive music on the five tracks glistens and evolves slowly, backed by some spatial percussive elements (executed in a minimal sense on three pieces) as it gently carries along. The ethereal and the atmospheric “shake hands” throughout the single tracks, evoking similar imaginary spheres and rich emotions as found on certain Robert Roach and Steve Roach releases, while executing its own true voice most of the time. The deepest, most tranquil spaces surface on the soft shimmering “Reflecting Pool”.

All in all, the sonic vistas created on “Chrysalis” are a mesmerizing kind of storytelling with a strong sense of wonder and true spirit running underneath.
A good pair of headphones is highly recommended for immersing in the aural splendor of this quality ambient release. Well done, Jeffrey!


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