Chronotope Project – Event Horizon

Chronotope Project - Event Horizon

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Chronotope Project – Event Horizon
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Relaxed Machinery, 2013

On the previous two albums of Chronotope Project, aka composer Jeffrey Ericson Allen, I already discovered some beautifully crafted ambient art work. The 58-minute “Event Horizon” is by no means an exception to this, as once again organic-founded material is blended sophistically with atmospheric pads, electronic drone textures, smooth melodic lines and percussive elements.

The music is a wonderful, gently evolving sonic vehicle with a smooth pulse underneath the surface along ethereal flavors, (neo) classical influences and slight tribal side notes. “Arecibo” and “Automatic Writing” both reveal a brief, a bit more progressive approach to the aforementioned style, but on the 10-minute “No Birth, No Death” all flows back into a comfortable, warm sonic arcade of magic and inner reflection.

“The Temple bell fades” following next even deepens this relaxed state. On the last three tracks, the music starts to softly shine while incorporating a tasty pulse on the sensuous curling title track and enthralling closing piece.

All in all, the timeless as innovative “Event Horizon” unfolds its full immersive potential and inner beauty when heard through good headphones. I only wish the albums of Chronotope project will become available as factory-pressed cds one day.


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