Chronotope Project – Passages

Chronotope Project - Passages

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Chronotope Project – Passages
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2016

With his album “Passages”, Jeffery Ericson Allen (aka Chronotope project) presents the most introspective of his six releases to date. Again, the Haken Continuum Fingerboard is featured on it prominently. The concept album deals with transitions, referring not only to recent transitions in the composers own life, but to evolutionary transitions we humans are all called upon to make in the process of personal and cultural self-actualization. “Passages” is, in this respect, also very much about transformation, about working with inner symbols to effect changes in outward forms.

The outcome is a complex hybrid of organic/ethnic and electronic worlds, a dreamy and inner world expanse incorporating meditative states with flashes of reality going from formless, pure expression to coherent, musically intelligible form. The occasional use of a reedy instrument and subtle rhythmic ingredients remind of the enigmatic music of Robert Rich. Most of it dwells and morphs in liquid, textural environs with a reflective, Middle-Eastern touch and drone-ish soundscapes.
Despite its transitional and intimate character and various listens to it, “Passages” (being a different sonic breed compared to its predecessor) proved less magical and captivating in the end than I had hoped for.


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