Chronotope Project – Solar Winds

Chronotope Project - Solar Winds

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Chronotope Project – Solar Winds
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

“Solar Winds” is the second installment of sensuous ambient music by Jeffrey Ericson Allen, aka Chronotope Project, this time aiming for deep space territory.

The 52-minute emotive outcome (meant to calm the body-mind and gladden the spirit) is a richly colored kaleidoscope of immersive textures along atmospheric, soft-breathing tapestries, all journeying gently and smoothly across the great beyond out there. The biggest part of the 9-minute title track is a freeform and calming affair, but toward the end some brief spatial sequencing and more pronounced sounds show up.

On the following four tracks, Jeffrey keenly channels soft timbres and intimate soundscapes, through which runs a low pulse. I especially love the 15-minute “Redshift” with its polyrhythmic, minimal structure and spatial sequencing, all evoking lush and bright spaces. When heard with headphones, this pinnacle even more spreads a scent of magic and wonder as it slowly evolves.

The result is too active to call it meditative, but “Solar Winds” surely has a heartwarming, reflective effect while at the same time creating an intimate, chill-out sonic cocoon.
Nice going, Jeffrey!


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