Chuck Van Zyl – Cenotaph

Chuck Van Zyl - Cenotaph


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Chuck Van Zyl – Cenotaph
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synkronos Music, 2012

“Cenotaph” (the name for a monument erected in honor of a dead person whose remains lie elsewhere) is the follow-up release to Chuck’s beautiful album “MemorySpace” (2010).

Sonically, Mr van Zyl very nicely expands on his cosmic sequencer style and signature, merging the timeless and the intimate while taking things to an even higher level. At the same time, it’s a fine-crafted and highly imaginative voyage of exploration into mysterious realms, paying tribute to the electronic music of the vintage age with a rich array of vibrant sounds.

From the start, there’s some great retro sequencing kicking in along mesmerizing mellotron pads, celestial textures and harmonic structures. More than once, TD’s classic album “Richochet” and kindred aural spirits such as Redshift come to mind. All five tracks spread smooth rays of warm cosmic energy.

Any fan of quality Berliner-School music will absolutely want to dig this inspired sonic adventure into possible worlds beyond.
“Cenotaph” is both captivating & immersive!


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