Chuck Van Zyl – MemorySpace

Chuck Van Zyl - MemorySpace


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Chuck Van Zyl – MemorySpace
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synkronos Music, 2010

With “MemorySpace”, American musician and radio host Chuck van Zyl delivers an intimate and reflective work of electronic ambient music, firmly rooted in the analogue domain. Not only does the album’s music sound like a strong tribute and dedication to the vintage analogue output created in the 70’s by Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, it’s smooth and lush retro-style opens up its own emotional breathing space to great effect.

The influence of classic Berliner School is strongly sensible in Chuck’s 74-minutes of carefully moulded and shaped space and mood music. It borders to gentle textural landscapes with a profound, warm kaleidoscope of mellotron sounds, elevating choir pads and occasional twinkling sequencer patterns while its sonic perfume sprays rays of remembrance and melancholy. Think a gentle and tranquil Pollard/Daniel/Booth virtually joining forces with Jonn Serrie or Thom Brennan plus a good dash of vintage TD and Schulze.

“MemorySpace”, displaying a beautiful array of emotion, space and reflection, is an excellent release.
Bravo Chuck!


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