Chuck Van Zyl – Recitals 2

Chuck Van Zyl - Recitals 2

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Chuck Van Zyl – Recitals 2
CD, Synkronos Music, 2018

“Recitals 2”, following in the footsteps of the previous volume, features a selection of live pieces recorded at two late 2017 performances.

As happened on the previous volume, Chuck again takes his own turn on the classic/teutonic Berlin School style of the ’70’s most notably the vintage works of Tangerine Dream. His emotive sonic journeys are imaginative, improvised mostly and very much alive with only few abstract side steps passing by while giving room to lots of retro synth pads, mellotron sounds, haunting choir textures, sparkling sound effects and short sections with solos.

If you like his former albums you simply can’t go wrong with this one. Well done Chuck.


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