Chuck Van Zyl – Recitals

Chuck Van Zyl - Recitals

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Chuck Van Zyl – Recitals
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synkronos Music, 2016

What I got here is a 140-minute double album featuring sequencer-driven electronic music (extracted from five May 2016 performances) tapping in the pool of German vintage electronics bridged with an own signature.

Imagine two 70+ minute highly improvised sonic journeys extending the trajectory of van Zyl’s “MemorySpace” (2010), “Cenotaph” (2012) and “Rituals” containing quite a bunch of ethereal mellotron pads, smooth roaring textures, assorted sound effects and occasional solo voices swirling gently on top.

The sequencer work displayed here is exquisite, changing color and shape almost constantly within carefully created ascending and descending yet dreamy spheres. I’m personally most pleased with the 3rd and resolving movement on the first disc where Chuck pulls a highly evocative freeform soundspace out of his sleeves.

All in all, “Recitals” makes a strong addition to van Zyl’s catalogue and is a must-buy for all Berlin School aficionados.


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