Chuck van Zyl – Rituals

Chuck van Zyl - Rituals

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Chuck van Zyl – Rituals
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synkronos Music, 2014

Mr. Van Zyl’s love for and signature style of classic electronic music forms the core of the 57-minute “Rituals”, an album containing two long tracks.

The 21-minute “Saturn” kicks things off with a mysterious entrance of sound effects before carrying the listener away on celestial winds with a tapestry of nice evolving and unfolding sequencer patterns, evocative vintage textures, Mellotron choir and some more pronounced lead sounds. This is nothing less than tantalizing sonic poetry and a compelling, imaginary cosmic journey.

The first 10 minutes of the 35-minute “Ars Moriendi” are really awkward offering abstract, experimental and alienating sounds all hard to digest. Fortunately, the music then spreads its wings in Berlin School tradition bringing to mind classic ‘70’s TD and Schulze with some lush soloing moments on top.

I’d say the created emotive spheres on “Rituals” along Chuck’s interlocking sequencer patterns paired with an apt choice of vintage sounds remain strong points during his ongoing search for cosmic destiny.


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