Chuck Van Zyl – The XYL File

Chuck Van Zyl – The XYL File

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Chuck Van Zyl – The XYL File
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Industry8, 2016

Let’s focus on some old School-based electronic music from the US created in the mid ’80s that now sees a re-release. Marking the 25th anniversary of its first release in 1991 on an audio cassette by Peter Gulch’s Synkronos Music label, this limited edition cd release contains some of the first compositions by Pennsylvania-based prolific recording artist & radio host Chuck Van Zyl. Tracks 1-4 were originally released on the ’91 cassette “The XYL File” and 5-6 were originally released on the cassette “Nuclear Winter” (1985).

The music on the 73-minute compilation is quite spaced-out and atmospheric while merging an assortment of abstract, psychedelic, and futurist elements along with slight elements of classic Berlin School. Darker, ominous, and eerie realms are on the menu on the slow meandering, at times drone-ish, surreal, and quite synthetic “The theory changes the reality it describes” and “Nuclear Winter”. The latter track evaporates a mood of distinct fear through improvisational, arrhythmic structures most notably while remaining listenable throughout before shifting to another chapter of stark, suspense-infused cosmic music on the biggest part of the 14-minute “Runway” that transforms into a sequenced outing in its last 6 minutes.

All in all, I would say this album is for the more experienced, adventurous-oriented listener who loves to travel into spacy worlds beyond.


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