Circular – Nanotopia

Circular - Nanotopia

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Circular – Nanotopia
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Origo Sound, 2007

What I got here is the debut album by the Norwegian project Circular, which was established two years earlier. Influenced by the sound that was to be known as arctic ambient (see Biosphere and alike), Bjarte Andreassen and Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik decided to explore a wider and even unfamiliar sound palette.

In the ongoing process of experimentation and sculpting, they create a melting pot of sonic textures, environmental sounds and music, thereby inviting the listener on a journey into undiscovered realms, distant lands and weird atmospheric circumstances. On a certain level, the 60-minute “Nanotopia” has a cinematic impact, but also feels awkward and rather futuristic. Sounds of blurred radio signals and other strange sound effects propel through all eight tracks, making the contemporary ambient scapes head into psychedelic, darker-shades territory while addressing some minimalism during the ride.

If you look for a kind of consistency on “Nanotopia” (the moody “Thorazine” seems the only exception) think twice, as there isn’t any in this unusual, quirky and abstract sonic mindset that even holds a good dose of foreboding and dystopian spheres alongside bits of techno.

Then again, I sense and hear a certain similarity with the music of The Orb and Future Sound of London, but with a peculiar twist and approach. All in all, “Nanotopia” certainly is not your everyday’s cup of (ambient) tea.


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