Circulum Musicum – Phases

Circulum Musicum - Phases

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Circulum Musicum – Phases
CD-R, Thar Records, 2008

Circulum Musicum is an atmospheric ambient project of which I haven’t been able to track down the composer behind it, although I suspect it’s one Tomas Weiss.

The 71-minutes of soundscape music on “Phases” offers a blend of organic textures, drones, and lush meandering plains of sound, occasionally flavoured with sustained piano keys and straightforward tribal/rhythmic elements.
It’s quite a deep and sometimes darkening affair, as it slowly morphs along, but there are some rather groovy patterns featured as well (e.g. in “Quest”), giving the music a lively, encompassing vibe.

Classic strings and tribal rhythms show up on the minimal, cinematic and slightly Eastern sounding “Oracle”, while “Assimilation” is spiced-up by the mesmerizing vocals of Annemarie Borg.
“Broken Bonds” is the most active track found here with it’s lively, versatile and expressive tribal percussion and spacious realms, before the album closes with the rattling percussions, spacious guitar licks and almost ghostly choirs of “Meta”.

“Phases” makes an interesting and pleasant listening experience, also due to the excellent mastering and mix.



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