Claude Chemin – Esthésies

Claude Chemin - Esthésies

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Claude Chemin – Esthésies
CD, Crystal Lake, 1994

This is one of the two self-released releases by the French electronic music community Crystal Lake.

“Esthésies” offers eight long form tracks of slightly experimental oriented ambient music in which flavours of Brian Eno (“On Land”) vidna Obmana, Robert Rich and Steve Roach are apparent.
The slowly moving free form textural landscapes are deep and dark, with occasional NASA conversations, exotic sounds and some violin.

It definitely is no easy music, although I love the drifting nature of the opening (title) track, the introspective soundings of “Canal de Lys” and the cinematic impact of “Lumieres Fossiles”.

All in all, “Esthésies” offers meandering, dark-shaded soundscape ambient for adventurers ears.



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