Claudio Merlini – The Colours of Music

Claudio Merlini - The Colours of Music

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Claudio Merlini – The Colours of Music
CD, AD Music, 2010

Claudio Merlini is an Italian synthesist who released his debut album “Flight of Fantasy” in 2008 using the moniker Sound Experience.

The contemporary instrumental music contained on “The Colours of Music” takes the easy-going road despite the interesting gear list. This doesn’t mean the album is filled with straightforward tunes, although Mr Merlini mixes accesible melodic lines, lots of preset sounds, vocal pads and in my opinion mediocre rhythms together.

Although I gave the album some proper listening, I again and again wasn’t grabbed by the constant smoothness and certain easy-listening undercurrents found in the 11 cheesy tracks of “The Colours of Music”.

For me, there just aren’t elements of excitement or surprise, although I trust David Wright did his best to make the outcome sound as mature as possible.



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