Clifford White – Ascension

Clifford White - Ascension


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Clifford White – Ascension
CD, New World Music, 1985

“Ascension” is the debut release of UK-based musician Clifford White, who composed the music when he was 17 years old. Until now, it sold over 50.000 copies worldwide, making it a bestseller in the genre.

Often referred to as England’s answer to the music of Kitaro, the nine tracks almost immediately create a sensitive, intimate and “at-ease” atmosphere with its melodic miniatures radiating an overall positive vibration and uplifting effect.

The warm synthesizer sounds blend calming themes with nicely layered velvet textures, in which the spiritual and meditative connection can’t be missed.

All in all, this classic new age recording of slow moving and expansive music has an honest, heart-warming and relaxing effect.


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