Clifford White – Atlantis

Clifford White - Atlantis

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Clifford White – Atlantis
CD, MG Music, 2010

“Atlantis” is Clifford White’s second album in 2010, a musical and imaginary journey inspired by the lost advanced civilisation of Atlantis and its ancient culture.

The album takes off with the strong and majestic electronic sound of the beautiful title track, which holds the middle between the sound of Vangelis and Frank Van Bogaert.

The 11 tracks offer accessible themes and rhythmic outings, warm sound pads and an overall cinematic vision, but overall the music is much more upbeat and rhythmic than one would expect with such an album title. In addition, the water theme and the transparency/magic of the water element is running nicely through the various pieces.

I’m personally not a fan of the occasional pronounced and repetitive piano sections as e.g. heard in “Xtasea”, a track which is also a bit too loud and freaky to my taste.
I also prefer the quiet and moody tracks above the up-beat ones on the 68-minute album. It’s a pity there are only very few of them, such as “Voices of the Aegean”, while “Edge of the Ocean” again features that Vangelis flavour.

Overall, I imagine fans of Jarre may find “Atlantis” interesting.

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