Clifford White – The Healing Touch (Ascension II)

Clifford White - The Healing Touch (Ascension II)

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Clifford White – The Healing Touch (Ascension II)
CD, MG Music, 2010

“The Healing Touch” is the follow-up to Clifford White’s new-age album “Ascension”, a landmark release in the genre of new age music back in 1985.

Clifford has come up with a similar kind of release, but also one sounding contemporary and fresh. The outcome harkens back to the original recording in very subtle ways, blending graceful and romantic melodic lines, but always retaining an unhurried, tranquil state.

Like its predecessor, the music of “The Healing Touch” flows naturally, gently and in balance, radiating positive vibrations as each track gradually unfolds in a sense of grace.

The electronic instruments provide soft and warm blankets of sounds, blending the elements in harmony and beauty, with occasional orchestral outings as e.g. heard on the Vangelis-flavoured “Eternity”.

Compared to the previous release, “The Healing Touch” speaks its own language though, while it embraces, relaxes and pleases the listener during a smooth 62-minute ride up to the heavens.

All in all, the accomplished “Ascension II” offers well-rendered new age music for the new generation in the slow lane. Nicely done, Mr White!


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