Code Indigo – MELTdown

Code Indigo - MELTdown

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Code Indigo – MELTdown

Code Indigo’s album “MELTdown” premiered at E-Day 2013 in The Netherlands, where David Wright’s band hit the stage in a new line-up with lots of the enthusiasm. Founded back in 1995 by Robert Fox and David Wright, Code Indigo not only has seen quite some changes in the members of the band, it also has given new content to producing imaginative and thematic keyboard/guitar-based music with every new album.

“MELTdown”, the follow-up to the 2007-release “Chill”, points to the dramatic climatic changes happening to the globe, while it sonically continues the solid tread of atmospheric, groovy, rock-influenced and thought-provoking chill out-ish electronics heard on previous Code Indigo releases. Still, the 16-track melodic outcome is an accessible, smooth flowing and colourful affair unfolding here, with the gentle rise and fall of shadows and light while warm retro sounds, solo voices and nicely paced percussion accompany the whole.

Although I’m not too much into nor really liking this easy-going/cheesy instrumental style myself, lots of EM-fans will love to dig this without doubt.



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