Colin Towns – Full Circle

Colin Towns - Full Circle


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Colin Towns – Full Circle
CD, Kock Screen, 1977

Colin Towns is an English composer who was a member of the Ian Gillan Band in the mid ‘70’s.

His first film score for Richard Loncraine movie “Full Circle” (The Haunting of Julia) on a tragic story centring on a child’s death and a mother’s breakdown remains a memorable one for many until today.

Although short as most soundtracks, the recording really stands out due to its hauntingly beautiful theme featuring a great pairing of piano and vintage synths, all drenched in heart-felt emotion.

The atmospheric music with nice breathing bass chords fuses captivating romantic melodies and a true sense of melancholy, although there are eerie undercurrents noticeable as well.

The re-release in 1995 of this evocative synth score on cd (which is very hard to find nowadays) contains four bonus tracks from concert works which have nothing to do with the previous music, and should have been left out.

“Full Circle” is a classic soundtrack recording which deserves a place in every electronic music collection.



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