Collapsar – Beyond the Event Horizon

Collapsar - Beyond the Event Horizon

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Collapsar – Beyond the Event Horizon
CD, Malignant Records, 2009

ans of well-produced dark ambient music will find much of their liking on “Beyond the Event Horizon”, a project by the French musician Thibaud Thaunay, aka Collapsar.

This recording of overall spacious form is actually a 47-minute journey into the far depths of the vast and unknown realms of the cosmos.
Some might find it a bit too scary or confronting, as the pulsating and ever pushing vast textures, cosmic ascending drones and stormy winds fire off their dark energies without remorse nor much interruption.

The epic sonic outcome of the Collapsar’s debut release “Beyond the Event Horizon” indeed can be classified as dark ambient in its purest, most intense and straight forward form. These apocalyptic, menacing and pitch-black atmospheres are not for the faint hearted…



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