Connect.Ohm – 9980

Connect.Ohm - 9980


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Connect.Ohm – 9980
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Ultimae Records, 2012

The French Ultimae label is one of the fine firms that’s able to amaze me from time to time, putting out new, fruitful collaborations next to their regular league of artists.

Connect.Ohm is such a newbie, introducing the debut album by label-artists Alex Scheffer (also known as Cell) and Tokyo-based composer Hidetoshi Koizumi (aka Hybrid Leisureland) .

“9980” is a nicely crafted work of art, where vast, highly atmospheric soundscapes are married with slow down-tempo rhythms and lots of spatial electronic wizardy. The high-level production offers one continuous, smooth evolving sonic journey of deep drone-waves, bass lines, fx’s and occasional beats, kickstarting ones imagination easily with their unhurried, dreamy flavours and subtle melodies.

In addition, its transparent and highly detailed sound design is heartwarming in these cold, wet days in Fall, offering a sonic blanket with lots of familiarities that fits like a glove in the existing Ultimae catalogue. I just can’t imagine one isn’t touched by spheric beauties such as , “Evolution 1:1”, “Fossil” or the introspective “Gentle Perception”.

Once again, Vincent Villuis power mastering puts the icing on the cake of the emotive futurism making up the soft glowing and sparkling “9980”.



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