Conrad Schnitzler – Conviction

Conrad Schnitzler - Conviction

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Conrad Schnitzler – Conviction
CD, Ricochet Dream, 2006

“Conviction” is a limited edition cd of only 300 copies, released on the American label Ricochet Dream.

It’s my first encounter with the hypnotizing, industrial sound experiments of Mr Schnitzler, also known from the Krautrock days of the German band Cluster.

Although the cd-sleeve lists 18 different tracks, the music actually consists of one ongoing track of eery, darkening and experimental/industrial electronics (which features no drums), in which weird effects, percussive soundings and sequencing take center stage.

The overall impact of the abstract music is cold, foreboding and at times even gloomy and almost scary.
So beware before you tap into this strange pool of quirky sounds…



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