Constance Demby – Æterna

Constance Demby - Æterna

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Constance Demby – Æterna
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hearts of Space, 1995

When we are talking about majestic and rich symphonic space music, the name of Constance Demby comes to mind. The contemporary orchestral style executed on the highly emotive “Aeterna”, made exclusively with Kurzweil K-2000 digital sampling synthesizers, is a musical meditation on eternity and the afterlife.

Sonically, it also occasionally connects to the classic romantics such as Bruckner, Tchaikovsky and beyond, as can be noticed on the tantalizing opus “Rites of Spring” closing the album. Constance though prefers to describe the outcome on “Aeterna” as intense emotional music that delves into a deep exploration of the emotional tone scale, activating and working with the human feelings. With digitally sampled piano, grand orchestral, choral and electronic string tapestries, Constance Demby maps out a healing, soothing and uplifting sonic vista in six tracks that is fully dedicated to the healing of the heart.

If one fell in love with her magnus opus “Novus Magnificat” and its full-size synthesizer orchestra, the sweeping anthems, expansive sound design and smooth soaring emotions strongly radiating from this cinematic recording will be a real treat as well.


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