Constance Demby – Novus Magnificat, 30th anniversary edition

Constance Demby - Novus Magnificat, 30th anniversary edition


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Constance Demby – Novus Magnificat, 30th anniversary edition
CD/DIGIAL DOWNLOAD, Hearts of Space/Valley Entertainment, 1986/2017

For the description and impact of this modern-classic monument, building a bridge between classical and choral music by means of orchestral expressions and symphonic space music I refer to the text I wrote on the original.

The 30th anniversary edition of this contemporary Magnificat and Exaltate for digital orchestra and choral voices contains the original recording that’s been been re-cut by the composer to eleven movements. It also contains a bonus cd (“Novus Magnificat live in concert”) with 57 minutes of previously unreleased music in kindred style performed on stage between 2010 and 2012. Once again, deep invocation along senses of grace and gentleness are all over the place as is certain repetitiveness, although I had to adjust a bit to the music’s audio balance from time to time. It still offers a journey of grand but tranquil sonic vistas leading into a secluded sanctuary to cleanse the mind and soul along the ride.

Overall I’d say this sacred angelic music is a perfect means to leave the fast pace and hectic of modern life behind for a while and re-charge/re-balance one self.


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