Constance Demby – Novus Magnificat

Constance Demby - Novus Magnificat


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Constance Demby – Novus Magnificat
CD, Hearts of Space, 1986

In the middle of the ’80s, classically trained female composer Constance Demby made a major work of contemporary classical spacemusic that is still regarded a monumental work in the genre until this very day.

“Novus Magnificat”, propelling the listener deep into space and other dimensions, was made on the Emulator II. This instrument, one of the first digital sampling synthesizers available, was connected via midi to the Roland Juno 60 synthesizer for arpeggiated effects and enhanced sounds. After the recording was done, Michael Stearns performed his distinct ambient magic by adding special effects to it.

The majestic, almost sacred synthmusic of “Novus Magnificat” (subtitled “Through the Stargate”) contains two lengthy tracks of 25 minutes, which assembles the beauty of vibrant chorales, sweeping and intricate melodic synth cords, arpeggios and soothing, soaring lines. Together, the cinematic music forms a fantastic journey through endless space, as it infuses the listener with both a spiritual and emotional sense of being.

In the end, the release would be a turning point to both Constance Demby and Stephen Hill’s record label Hearts of Space (the album sold over 200.000 copies worldwide), attracting the attention of the music industry and additionally being nominated for a Grammy Award.
All in all, this pinnacle of massive orchestral expressions and symphonic space music is an absolute must-have.


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