Constance Demby – Set Free

Constance Demby - Set Free

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Constance Demby – Set Free
CD, Hearts of Space, 1989

One of the accomplishments of female synthesist Constance Demby has been to merge electronic space music with the New Age genre. Did she leave an unforgettable footprint with the landmark recording “Novus Magnificat”, “Set Free” presents an almost profound style of ethereal cosmic music.

The sweeping orchestral/symphonic anthems featured in some of the movements such as “Moving On” are purely majestic, dynamic and joyful in their design while a beautifully sense of introspection surfaces on e.g. “Mother of the World”.
In addition, most notably on several tracks are the rhythmic influences from the Balinese and African cultures that are ritualistic and celebratory in nature.
On the other hand, Mrs Demby also has given the sophisticated mix of elegant string pads, piano and soft soaring vocals a profound soft treat, smoothening things almost ultimately on this classical symphony of life.

On the last four pieces, also the longest ones on the release, the music takes a strong turn and heads into the quiet ambient lane. It are these I personally appreciate the most.

In recent years, Mrs Demby released her own 32-bit remastered “definitive edition” of “Set Free”, which included one bonus track.


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