Continuum – Volume 1

Continuum - Volume 1

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Continuum – Volume 1
CD, Soleilmoon, 2005

Continuum is the duo Vidna Obmana and Steve Wilson, of which “Volume 1” is the first in a series of limited edition releases scheduled for the coming years.

Fans of freeform, rather depressive and at times eerie ambient music can eat their heart out, as this album features three tracks of 20 minutes each.
This is slowly morphing textural stuff, carving deep in a well of desolate, minimal and microscopic ambient. At the 10 minute mark in “Construct Part 1” it seems like one of the musicians is tuning his gear as things stay cloudy and dense on the background.

The second track sounds a bit lighter with its floating flute-like textures and environmentals.
The deep atmospheric “Construct Part III” is the most enjoyable & accessible track to my opinion, offering deep ambience, the sounds crickets & treated environmentals.

Indeed some heavy stuff for which you to have be in the mood. However, it is put together in a sophisticated manner.



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