Coral Cave – Panorama

Coral Cave - Panorama

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Coral Cave – Panorama
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Accessible, melodic and typical German electronic music. At first glance, these words (still) come to mind when putting on the 70-minute “Panorama”, the first studio album by Tilo Voigthaus and Erik Matheisen since 1996.

Their sequencer-driven (at times still slightly TD-angled) output sounds bright and straightforward and is in shorter songs at best when solos are kept to a minimum, as on “Blue Lines Synchron” or “Wide Angle View”. In that respect, the solo heard in part one of the title-track sounds quite dreadful and not-appealing to my ears, but fortunately this works out much better on the second part.

Contrary to these, both “New Year’s Day” and “Alcazar” (again with an annoying solo-sound) fall flat on their back, sounding simplistic and uninspired to my ears. This only improves a slight bit on the 10-minute “Panorama part 3”, but followed by the tunefully but far too light “Fantasy of Sky”.

All in all, “Panorama” makes a mediocre release.



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