Cosmic Ground – 0110

Cosmic Ground - 0110

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Cosmic Ground – 0110
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2020

The music of the German project Cosmic Ground fits in the league of vintage electronic music of the beginning and middle of the ´70`s made with a fine selection of classic hardware synths as well as some bass and guitar. The 5-track/78-minute “0110” is another highly atmospheric and powerful endeavour dwelling into dark, mysterious and intense realms rooted in Berlin School.

As before, the outcome of retro pads and sequences links to the sonic perfume of TD’s “Rubycon” and “Phaedra” while Dirk Jan Müller’s approach lines up nicely to those of Brendan Pollard and Redshift -though executed in a bit more minimalist fashion. On top of that I simply love the enchanting string ensembles, mellotron parts, Rhodes and Farfisa organ. A malevolent atmosphere and a sense slumbering mystery lie at the core of opener “Parasite”.

The sequencer-driven “Sorrows of Venus” makes a tantalizing ride after the cinematic-infused “Procreation” while the “Wrong Planet?” heads into fascinating psychedelic, off-world environs alongside a few nice hints of TD’s “Rubycon”. The dark-psychedelic realm is prolonged even more profound on the final track “Cosmic 72” where treated guitar and foreboding drone pads with a Schulze Cyborg-ish twist paint an estranged, hallucinogenic soundscape with various degrees of tension upon the dark canvas. Nice job, Dirk Jan.



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