Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground 2

Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground 2

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Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground 2
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

From the start of this album it becomes clear this is a well rendered effort of and homage to TD’s signature sound from the “Ricochet”/ “Encore” era, with occasional hints of “Rubicon” and “Phaedra” flying by. If you’re expecting a personal nod from the composer during this vintage sound exploration, you won’t find any (which also goes for any melodies).

While having expanded his gear list with moog unit modular synthesizers since its predecessor, musician Dirk Jan Müller also did lots of effort to come closer to the ’70s way of production and deepening this distinct sonic approach.

Bottom-line is “Cosmic Ground 2” delivers its listeners 78 minutes/four long tracks of expansive, meticulously tweaked, fast-paced (and sometimes thundering) sequencer exercises along a massive, blurred sound design of assorted pads and effects with an overall analogue mix as key. The last piece (“Altair”) is the most hypnotic, with some spicy sequencing at its tail. It’s an energetic, intense and psychedelic-infused ride sounding non-original but delivering still lots of fun when you’re addicted to the core and sequenced minimalism of the aforementioned TD albums. Having said this, I have no doubt this one again will please many.

The double vinyl edition of “Cosmic Ground 2” will be released in September on the UK-label Deep Distance.


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