Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground IV

Cosmic Ground - Cosmic Ground IV

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Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground IV
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2018

This is Cosmic Ground’s first release containing a couple of shorter compositions aside lengthier ones which sees Dirk Jan Müller explore the still intriguing electronic sound of the ’70s and beyond further.

From the start it’s clear the 78-minute “IV” pulls the listener into intense, dense vintage atmospheres that have turned out more basic, abstract and minimal in structure and form. This applies to the first three tracks especially, while more grand and powerful spheres and minimal sequencing surface on the slow, steady building “Greasy” and “Progeny” (the longest pieces on the album). Both echo the impact and mesmerizing aural approach of TD’s “Ricochet” and “Rubycon” in the distance.
Plains” proves darker and static overall, while the freeform “Deep End” rounding out “IV” is made up of edgier, cloudy and so-called descending sound design.

Overall, this album is a bit different from CG’s previous output being a quite challenging trip off the map, its approach somewhat resembling EFSS’s “Tidal Shift” although different.

The download version of the album contains the 38-minute bonus track “Soil”, an abstract, edgy and gloomy moodscape in the tradition of “Phaedra” and “Rubycon”.


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