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Cosmic Ground – Cosmic Ground
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

With the project Cosmic Ground, German synthesist Dirk Jan Müller decided to return to the origin of pure electronic music like he’d done in the early ’90s. In the previous 22 years, he had been a member of the psychedelic/krautrock band Electric Orange, where vintage gear and assorted electronics also played an important role.

For this project though it was time for something different, as the composer decided not to use any guitars or drums. Instead, he fully relied on his experience and trusted collection of vintage gear (including modulars, organs and assorted instruments of analogue origin) to compose his sequencer-driven tracks alongside passages of dronescapes and ambient/choir textures.

Like Brendan Pollard, Redshift, the classic TD line-up and others working with such gear only, everything was triggered and played by hand, making things happen in the moment as not the slightest MIDI was used during the whole recording process. The massive, pounding and almost constantly modulated sequencer-patterns alone already kick ass.

The further outcome awakens great spirits and captivating moods from the early and mid ’70’s, featuring this lovely grainy and melancholic sound spectrum. There’s a great drive and emotive trail found in each of the four tracks, all displaying a variety of powerful, evocative and tantalizing sounds plus loads of mesmerizing white noise. On the 33-minute “Ground”, quite some psychedelic musings and not too subtle interludes are encountered in the mid-section as the track further unfolds and evolves in mysterious directions. Psychedelic soundscaping also starts off on “The Plague”, slowly transforming to more dreamy flavors.

It left me quite flabbergasted and with glowing ears in the end. Listening to these 78 minutes of music with headphones is a real blast, revealing even more detail, hypnotizing waves and intrinsic movements.
All in all, Cosmic Ground’s self-titled debut is an impressive and highly recommended recording that no vintage-fan should miss out on. Bravo Dirk Jan!

P.S Each factory-pressed cd comes with a download-code for the full album, which offers one more track as a bonus.


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