Cosmic Ground – Entropy

Cosmic Ground - Entropy

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Cosmic Ground –  Entropy

CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2023

Since this talented German musician started out under the CG moniker, dark ambient journeys into the deeper end in line with ‘70’s enigmatic, Teutonic Tangerine Dream have become his trademark.

A variety of psychedelic spheres and malevolent, otherworldly landscapes accompanied by some dirty, dense as well as uplifting sequencing is sketched out on each of “Entropy’s” eight tracks. Occasionally, the mystic sonic events turn out uplifting like in “Phasing 76” where lush swirling atmospheres merge with a lovely string of sequences.

In the second half of the recording, we arrive on a hallucinogenic, stark, and mysterious sonic highway with “Randomize user 0” and “Equilibrium” which both evolve slowly while releasing a dark, gothic-ish perfume. The latter, mixed with a slice of eeriness, is most present in the abstract soundscape making up the first 8 minutes of the nearly 19-minute title track before we shift into sequenced “Phaedra-mode”. A haunting, foreboding mood maintains, only starting to fade gradually in the last few minutes.

All in all, “Entropy” -which will be appreciated by all who love TD’s vintage period of the early ‘70’s- demands a pair of experienced ears.


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