Cosmic Ground – Isolate

Cosmic Ground - Isolate

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Cosmic Ground – Isolate
CD/LP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Tonzonen Records, 2022

It`s not hard to imagine the album´s music and its title may have a connection to the human condition during the extended period of Covid that hit the globe severely for over 2 years.

Mysterious and haunting semblances surface on and off in the dark, at times drony-oriented pure vintage electronics making up the 73-minute “Isolate”. The dense atmospheres sketched out are enhanced by some sequencers, real tape echo as well as self-recorded (electronically treated) environmental sound bits and polyphonic drone tapestries. The emotive, shaded realms encountered on the shorter opening tracks shift to the gothic and poignant on “Haunting” before ending up in three extended, sequencer-driven pieces made up of a lovely assortment of analogues reflecting on the evocative, non-melodic sound worlds and minimalism as featured on TD’s “Phaedra” and “Rubycon”. Menacing, foreboding vibes start creeping in underneath as the cinematic impact starts to grow on these journeys into analogue sound. “Desolate” even dwells in spaced-out, psychedelic territory once in a while.

Overall I’d say “Isolate´s” quite intense mood music won´t be everyone´s cup of tea but all those afficionados out there who still love digging early ´70s electronics will most surely appreciate it….



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