Cosmic Ground – Melt

Cosmic Ground - Melt

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Cosmic Ground – Melt
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2024

Among the fanbase of this Aachen-based composer must be many who have a soft spot for the early 70-s TD recordings made with classic, labour intensive gear. Same as on Cosmic Ground’s previous recordings one won’t find any uplifting, melodic music while also sequencers are often absent.

Moreover, “Melt’s” overall sound design -merged with environmental recordings occasionally- is murky, malevolent, and dense while a certain psychedelic, rather surreal flavour can be perceived on closer listening. The gloomy 18-minute “Black Rain” and 17-minute otherworldly “Scab” e.g. skate over the edge of a netherworld, airing all the aforementioned in a profound, rather haunting, and even apocalyptic manner. It’s a contrast to the far more accessible, but dark album-opener “Planet Dirt” or the sequencer-driven outing “Melted Past” found near the end of the release.

“Melt” -blending elements of space with a grounded, earthly reality as well as evoking a sense of cosmic exploration- makes quite a tough recording and listen overall.


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