Cosmic Hoffmann – Electric Trick

Cosmic Hoffmann - Electric Trick

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Cosmic Hoffmann – Electric Trick
CD, Heart and Mind, 2005

The album “Electric Trick” is the sixth cd of Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock aka Cosmic Hoffmann. It features recordings made between 1978 and 2003. Stephen Parsick joins him on several tracks of what is described as a 70 minute vintage/psychedelic ride through time and space.

The album offers a nice blend of rich mellotron textures, fierce analogue sequencing and space guitar, nicely kicked off by “Timeshift” and the choirs and haunting sounds of “The Gate of Bihar” (this latter track appeared formerly on the Sequences no. 21 cd).

“Sehr Mystisch” is a nice vintage floater from 1978, reminding me of Ashra and other Berliner School mates from that period, while especially the second part of the Asian inspired “Indian Bliss” made me think of Hoffmann’s Mind over Matter project.

Ron Boots contributed on the ass-kicking vintage space ride “Space Pioneers”. “Floating in Time” is a warm sounding, slowly evolving track with some nice soloing on top, before the listener is captured by the dreamy,lingering atmosphere of “Nebelwald”.

“Further beyond the Galaxy” shows powerful sequencing and guitar solo’s, before the album closes with the beautiful quiet sound waves of “Carina Cygnus”.
Mission well accomplished, Klaus !


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