Cosmic Hoffmann – Outerspace Gems

Cosmic Hoffmann - Outerspace Gems

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Cosmic Hoffmann – Outerspace Gems
CD, Manikin Records, 2008

This is the second release of vintage rarity recordings (1978-1985) from Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, aka Cosmic Hoffmann, now put out as a pressed cd on the established Berliner-based Manikin label.

Retro fans will find lots of their liking here, already set in good mood with the energizing, vintage sequencing and cosmic textures of the 10-minute opening track “Up to the Stars”.
The mesmerizing, roaring sound pads of “Megasun” take on a lighter shape as they unfold, followed by the hypnotizing, minimal sequencing patterns and pads bouncing around in “Cosmic Cha Cha”.

Mellotron M400 textures grace the free form, atmospheric “Galaxy Rising”. Although the sound quality of the 12-minute “Spacewards” isn’t always that fancy, it easily takes the listener up to cosmic scenery with its gliding, elevating soundpads and smooth sequencing.

The nice synth lingerings and mellotron textures of the free form “Magelanic Cloud” continue to wander through endless space in a quiet manner, after which “Attic Music” offers a portion of static, rather flat-out music that seems to be a bit uninspired.
The soft swirling mellotron sonics of “Cassini Division” sure realm in better cosmic spheres, after which “Black Hole Magic” brings things to a nice, soft closure with beautiful Ovation 12-string guitar and airy soundscape magic.

All in all, all who love cosmic music and the warm, embracing of sounds of vintage instruments will want to dig this 60-minute album for sure.


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