Cosmic Hoffmann – Space Gems

Cosmic Hoffmann - Space Gems

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Cosmic Hoffmann – Space Gems
CD-R, Heart and Mind, 2007

As vintage electronic music is very popular the last couple of years, several musicians and band have released stuff from their archives.
Well, the same goes for Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, aka Cosmic Hoffmann, who started composing electronic music around the middle of the ’70.

“Space Gems”, subtitled “vintage rarities of the ‘70s”, is the first full release containing eleven tracks from Klaus’ vaults. There certainly are some rather raw, straightforward sounds found on the album as heard on “Rooftop High” or “Sequencer”, but there’s also lots of room for the beautiful soundings of the famous mellotron, an instrument which shows up in almost every piece.

Things get more dynamic in the fifth track “Wüstenschiff”, a symphonic mellotron composition with a pumping rhythm. Personally, I prefer the more quiet, refined soundings of vintage gear, as heard on “Mystic Winds” or “Far Away”.

This is also beautifully highlighted on “Opera Mellotronique”, where the grand retro sounds glow in all its stillness.
“Fly West” is also a very nice atmospheric sequencer effort with a great solo lead.

“Passing Jupiter By” is a meandering, slow morphing space track, which also goes for “Die Kosmische Abfahrt” and the quiet soundscapes of the closing track “Windfogel”.

I presume this will the first volume from a series of excavated tracks from the old days, so lets wait and see what more is coming out of the Cosmic Hoffman archives…


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