CosmoMoose – Cosmic Invasion

CosmoMoose - Cosmic Invasion

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CosmoMoose – Cosmic Invasion
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

CosmoMoose is electronic music artist Chris Medway from Devon, UK. His song-oriented, melodic album “Cosmic Invasion” (a soundtrack for the mind, full of strong catchy themes to take the listener on an hour-long musical journey where the Cosmic comes to Earth) is a mostly beat-driven electronic affair with even some dance-floor elements. The track “Shooting Stars”, also released as a single, is a catchy melodic piece which sonically balances between popular Jarre and Robert Miles.

I’m not a fan of simple, straightforward melodic tunes, and I’m also not too keen on the various suggestive retro-future flavours flying by, sounding thin and digital. Fortunately, there are a few quieter pieces squeezed in between the busy, straightforward tracks such as “Ripples in the Sky”, “Tears of the Moon” and “Lost Vessel”.

But then again, if you want uncomplicated, poppy tunes (the flashy cover already gives a hint) with nothing more to it and also kick on Robert Miles and songlike Jarre, the biggest part of this album is right that.



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