Craig Padilla – Folding Space and Melting Galaxies

Craig Padilla - Folding Space and Melting Galaxies

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Craig Padilla – Folding Space and Melting Galaxies
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Space for Music/Private Release, 2000/2018

In the year 2000 US-synthesist Craig Padilla joined the roster of Tony Gerber’s Nashville-based Space for Music label with “Folding Space and Melting Galaxies” (voted the “Echoes Listeners’ Top 25”of 2001). The release features two epic tracks of 32 and 28 minutes respectively where cosmic vibes, classic Berlin School as well as Padilla’s signature analogue and digital sound design fly high. It makes energetic (partial sequencer-driven) space music evolving in a nice ebb and flow nature over the course of each long evolving composition. Compared to the first piece, “Melting Galaxies” turn out far more rhythmic, melodic-oriented and composed.

As Craig went through his back catalogue he discovered the original audio multi-tracks were lost. What fortunately was left was the final stereo mix-down which has been used and remastered attentively for Craig’s own digital download re-release in February 2018. After being out of print for over a decade it’s great to know these inspired electronics are available once again to take off for another space rollercoaster…


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