Craig Padilla – Genesis

Craig Padilla - Genesis


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Craig Padilla – Genesis
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2004

US-synthesist Craig Padilla already brought us the very nice album “Echo System” with Paul Ellis in spring of 2004.

Well, he’s not done yet, as his second Spotted Peccary solo-release “Genesis” has been released. And what an awesome music it has become. Padilla’s exquisite blend of analogue and digital sound textures is able to transports the fans of his deep ambient music to the heavens for 70 minutes.

The gracious music on the four extended tracks are of ongoing evolvement, they really touch the emotional spot as they unwind in their own pace.

The title track is a delicately moving, soft swirling landscape of sequences and ambient textures.
“Moon Tides” offers some great introspective ambient dwellings, halfway masterfully entering space territory.

The same goes for “Ascension”, an enthralling and true inward journey with a distinct sense of melancholy.
The 23-minute closing track “Message from Within” is another highlight.
Its vast space-textures keep unfolding, sound patterns are layered over and over again and keep building as my mind partially wandered off to some grand music Schulze made in the late ’70.

All in all a great achievement and an absolute must-have for ambient fans.
Very well done, Craig!


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