Craig Padilla – Heaven Condensed

Craig Padilla - Heaven Condensed

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Craig Padilla – Heaven Condensed
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2016

What I got here is Craig Padilla’s musical interpretation of the Heavens through spiritual/cosmic/romantic/space music. To him, most of all it’s a happy place whether found in the clouds above, deep within one’s self, somewhere in the universe or wherever the listener finds their own version of Heaven.

In the creation of “Heaven Condensed”, the composer used a lot of his vintage gear (such as the Arp 2600 and Arp sequencers, Solina Strings, Arp Axxe, and two Pro-One synths) alongside newer synths.

The two longer epic tracks on the recording were written within a short time after Craig had completed “The Heart of the Soul” which is interesting because this music reminds him more of a return to form of the music on “Genesis”. Some sequencers and light rhythmic structures are present on “Heaven Condensed”, but for the most part it’s a spacious realm of lush spiraling synth soundscapes creating varied elevating, harmonic and lush atmospheres where the sound of analogue equipment shines through all the way.

Overal, the outcome is not as captivating as I expected initially but will please fans of his music anyway.


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