Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen – Weathering the Storm

Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen - Weathering the Storm


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Craig Padilla & Marvin Allen – Weathering the Storm
CD/Digital Download, Spotted Peccary Music, 2023

On their third collaborative recording “The Weathering Storm”, accomplished synth-wizard Craig Padilla and guitarist Marvin Allen take us back to the realms of early ‘70s krautrock and modern electronic ambient production that all turned out in a dreamlike, dramatic electronic landscape of an homage to pre-1975 German “Kosmische Musik”. The engaging as well as timeless sounding 61-minute recording journeys through an attentively moulded sonic landscape where different intensities of mood and variations in tone unfold and pass by on each of the eight tracks.

The record kicks off in a dynamic, prog-electronic fashion with the 18-minute  opener “The Prodigal Sun,” which sees Mr. Allen play the powerful twelve-string guitar in the style of the opening track of Edgar Froese’s “Macula Transfer” to complement the main sequence, and overdubbed lead guitar. Padilla on the other hand used an organ sound and his analogue modular synth some classic effects, much like the musicians of that era would have used.

Mesmerizing, blissful spheres though gently take the stage on “Sunflowers in the wind” while the sense of visualizing space becomes apparent in many passages throughout the release, reaching an almost enchanting level on the 10-minute title piece. Another notable piece is the almost 8-minute “Aquatic”, where both musicians incorporate found sounds -wind and thunder from a growing tornado, trucks roaring down a wet road, rainfall- into a Tangerine Dream-inspired texture of reversed piano and organ. The track was meant to be a tribute to Edgar Froese’s 1974 title track to the album “Aqua”.

All in all, the very well-crafted “The Weathering Storm” puts down a clear statement of catchy and wondrous “old school” electronic soundscapes many will surely appreciate. Very well accomplished, guys!



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