Craig Padilla – Patterns of Thought (Special Remastered Edition)

Craig Padilla - Patterns of Thought (Special Remastered Edition)

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Craig Padilla – Patterns of Thought (Special Remastered Edition)
MC/CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 1998/2019

What I got here is a special remastered -20th anniversary- edition of Craig’s classic release from 1998 which was his last recording that came out on tape as a limited edition double cassette. Much of this music ended up being released on two cd-r’s in 1999: “Patterns of Thought” and “Crystal Garden” on

Composed with a nice array of vintage gear Mr Padilla plays melodious, energetic, sequencer-driven and rather upbeat electronic music that (e.g. on “Silent Words”) reminds quite a bit of UK’s EM and Mark Shreeve solo efforts while “Beyond the Ocean Sky” hints toward cosmic territory.

Although the influence from Berlin School is present throughout the recording (most notably on “Dream Visions” and the two part title piece) it’s nice to hear Craig take his own turn on it.


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