Craig Padilla/Sendelica – Strange Fish 1

Craig Padilla/Sendelica - Strange Fish 1

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Craig Padilla/Sendelica – Strange Fish 1
LP, Fruits de Mer Records, 2013

The shared release Strange Fish 1 is a very limited edition coloured vinyl record, part of the 6-lp set “Strange Fish”. The latter is a series of instrumental compilations, spanning everything from ambient to full-on progressive/kraut/cosmic rock and psychedelica, of which each album may be purchased separately. Number 1 features new and previously unreleased music by Mr Padilla (for which he only used his old vintage gear) on side one, and one long track on side two by the UK-band Sendelica.

The first track on the vinyl is the moody 10-minute “Full Moon World”, a piece of somewhat dreamy ambient with lovely cosmic washes that’s set gently into motion after a few minutes. A special note on some strange synth sounds heard from the start and carrying on throughout the entire song, as these were created on the ARP Axxe by Craig´s friend Bart Hawkins.

The second excursion, the mesmerizing 14-minute “Secret Language”, though tops the previous one by far due to its overall vintage sound design that includes some lovely mellotron. Here, the deep cosmic waves really start evolving in a slower pace with stark, darker-flavored atmospheres and soft breathing/morphing textures.

Side two of the album though made less impression on me, as Sendelica´s e-guitar and bass-based ambient also featured some saxophone.


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