Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy – Waveforms

Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy - Waveforms  


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Craig Padilla & Skip Murphy – Waveforms
CD-r/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Sea Peace Music, 2020

More than once an artist digs through his archive and finds something tucked away in there, a discovery bringing back fond memories. This is the case with “Waveforms”, featuring two live performed long-form tracks (the 22-minute “Waveforms” and 27-minute “Glaciers”) made back in 1993 for a meditative tv-series made locally with no intention at the time to release it outside of it.

As one can imagine, the music -created with analogue and digital equipment- is a most gentle, lush and sometimes floating evolving affair with some occasional sequencing and percussion on the side. For this release, the two pieces (of which I rate “Glaciers” the best) are complemented by a third one (“Nebula”) composed in the same timeframe and in terms of music also fitting in the same league. In all I feel it’s no music to get excited about, which is also due to the music’s lightness, thinness as well as profound New Age flavor.


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