Craig Padilla – The Heart of the Soul

Craig Padilla - The Heart of the Soul


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Craig Padilla – The Heart of the Soul
CD, Spotted Peccary Music, 2012

“The Heart of the Soul”, created during a series of major life-changing events, marks the return of American synthesist Craig Padilla into the world of contemporary electronic music after a four year hiatus.

The outcome is an intense, detailed and emotional effort celebrating the great musicianship of this composer, beautifully merging modern technology with vintage elements beside some gentle piano parts and a bit of guitar.

There’s a mellow and honest side to the music, sounding rich, pure and contemplative, like pulling out the best with every breath of air while getting to the core of feelings and putting a human life in a different perspective. Simple happiness, feeling life to its fullest and a focus on the positive is what lies embedded in each of the ten tracks.

A special mention goes out to the 13-minute “Midnight Encounter”, where elegant patches and vibrant pads meet catchy sequencing, all together creating a lush, groovy vibe.

All in all, the 70-minute “The Heart of the Soul” is another fine release by Mr Padilla, highly expressive and beautifully moulded and sculptured.
Be embraced!


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